Sierra Diamond

by Franziska Judith Jürgens

Sierra Diamond stands in the room looking like an opera singer in her red velvet jumpsuit. With a firm voice and considered gaze, she has four other people tell the same story over and over again, switching roles and taking on roles herself. Roundabout.
Sierra first began her practice as a sculptor in Chico, California. Even then, elements of her work became apparent that are still to be found today, albeit more subtly or as allusions to past works: the unbroken fascination with the color red, for example - Sierra is rarely seen without at least one piece of red clothing. But systematic ordering is also a recurring theme: whether she's tidying up her own desktop (which, by the way, simply has a red surface as its background) in front of an audience or telling three stories twelve times each in order to finally be able to let them go. Formulaic, but by no means cold. On the contrary, Sierra's work gives the appearance of radiance, commands a certain attention with which one should approach it. Not cool, because they are as warm as a body telling its story. Warm like a body playing backgammon with itself. Warm like red.