Victoria Loges

Vicky poses questions through text, images, and video – questions that provoke us to think, questions that stay with us:

Her process of making work is metaphysical, spiritual. Her paintings and texts are largely medial. 

How do we pick the words we say?

How can internal processes and subjective experiences be transformed into or communicated as something visible, physical, or even wearable?

What effect does the world have on us, and what effect do we have on the world?

Where are the boundaries between what we cannot change, and what we can influence?

Where are the boundaries between humanities and science?

Are there places we feel closer to coming to these answers, and, if so, where are they? Are they on this side or somewhere beyond? 

Can individual, personal thoughts and questions help us understand seemingly insurmountable concepts of being alive?

What does life mean? What does death mean? Are they connected? 

One of the latest works from her is titled, "The Luminous Path to Unconditional and All-Embracing Love". This title reflects not only her artistic process, but also her personal interests.

Is it possible to understand spiritual teachings rationally?