Kip Fiene

by Dana Munzert

When I look at Kip’s work, a few words come to mind: introspection, multifacetedness, social criticism, activism, humor. 

Regardless of whether it’s text or audio, photography or painting, large or small, quiet or loud: Kip’s work has something to say and we want to hear it. And even though the topics that Kip speaks about can be difficult, Kip explores them in a way which relieves us through lightness and humor. 

A room completely full of signs with political and activist messages though with signs like “I am tired”, “I don’t want to” or even just “No” mixed in. Each sentence, each note is imbued with meaning through Kip’s process. Kip looks at more than just the big picture but rather at the details, the small, normally unnoticed things receive their own limelight just like everything else.