Alik Klein

von Paula Göb

„Die sind so lustig....ich komm immer noch nich draud klar dass der anzug typ heute auf dem tisch performes hat aber es war nice.“  
[10 Oktober 2018, 01:06 Uhr]

Bejahender, verneinender, Anzug tragender Charakter eines jungen Mannes der Neuzeit.
Wortgewandte Denker - Version eines nichtmensch-Menschen.

Geboren um ca. 1930, teleportiert und in die nonkonforme Jetzt-Zeit eingepflanzt.

An entrepeneur from the latest period of nihilistic experiences displays a variety of cynical expressions and critiques. The beauty of beeing absolutely adorable, whilst giving the impression of a nobleman who could end worlds common moral senses in just a second, brings us closer to the actual representation of this charming name. ALIK KLEIN

We encounter several mental twists, when trying to understand this actual human beeing which seemingly exists in a very modest way of living – There are certain impressions which might hint a conclusion as to why this description is in english....
But isn't that the actual question: WHY AM I TALKING IN ENGLISH?
I guess his never existing Scottish ancestors have reached out to control my mind or i just got used to Alik’s ways of talking...
Anyways , eigentlich ist Alik schon recht putzig.