Katarina Kloppe

von Sierra Diamond

The first moment I became interested in Katarina Kloppe’s work was not due to what she said but what she didn’t say. During a discussion of her work, I was very drawn by one, tiny detail that no one seemed to mention though it stood out to me as if it came with flashing lights. This method of working with mystery, working with the viewer’s desire to uncover something or to sense there is an underlying, yet in a sense unknowable story, is something that she employs often.
She straddles many edges: personal and universal, explained and unexplained, physical and metaphysical. She views her work as she views herself, as she views people: full of details that all make sense somehow, even if we can’t find exactly where or why the sense is. Everything is purposeful, but everything must certainly not be knowable. In art like in life, we use small pieces of ourselves as clues, small hints that allow us to find a hand rail or two- enough to guide us but not enough to take out the unknowability, the mystery that makes us want to know more.